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Project Management gets more done more efficiently

Have you ever had a project go really far off track? Budget blown, team disappearing, a hold-up slowing progress to a halt, or some other random variable you didn’t plan for. Project Management may seem like an added expense, but can save money on digital projects by streamlining the process, managing and finding the right team members and ensuring forward momentum is maintained. All this, while you focus on your business not getting bogged down on a single project. Utilize our Fractional Project Management Services to ensure timely completion of your projects. 


Business Efficiency Consultant

Are you wasting time and money on CRMs, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Accounting software….that isn’t streamlined? I can help put a plan in place to make it all work better!

  • Streamline your systems
  • Discover new and better ways of doing what you do
  • Manage budget and timelines efficiently

Identify and Correct

SWOT Analysis for Online  Business

Our SWOT Analysis of Online business is a drill down review of your entire online presence. From your website, landing pages, advertisements, social media and email drips – we take a bird’s eye view of your entire online business landscape and find the flaws.  We also create an action plan you can pass to your webmaster or virtual assistant. Not only will you know what is wrong, you’ll know how to fix it.  Our review covers over 50 elements that can impact your online presence and impact your business. 

Our Specialties

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Our Specialties

I Can Help you Do It All.
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Business Consulting

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