Selecting and implementing a CRM is crucial in maintaining control of projects and clients. Project management software and CRMs are not interchangeable – though the terms are used synonymously. There are some key differences in the 2 platforms, their functionality and their goals. 

Project Management Platforms should offer:

  • Scheduling with short and long term planning
  • Activity monitoring
  • Report generator for teams and individuals
  • Budget tracking
  • Reminders for deadlines
  • Visualization capabilities
  • Communication features

On the other hand, CRMs deal more with the communication of your team with clients as well as automating many redundant process. This serves to create a streamlined system for client interaction on your team and ensures no customers or clients “fall through the cracks” in your organization. A good CRM should offer


  • Email management and direction 
  • Help Desk Features
  • Management of Sales Funnels and Leads
  • Lead scoring and direction
  • Track and report on customer interactions

From connecting your email inbox to your sales funnel, newsletter, and customer service platforms (plus a whole lot more) CRM can condense and facilitate the process of managing current customers and handling leads in a way that simplifies your business process and, when done correctly, increase revenue.  A CRM should effectively “pay for itself” in time saved and profits.

There are a variety of different CRMs available from free options like  Insightly whose free version is fine for a very small business that doesn’t sell online. To the paid options like our 2 favorites, Infusionsoft and Greenrope. If you need a Social Media specific CRM Sprinklr is our top choice in that niche.

One of the best options for maryng both Project Management and CRM softwares, however, is ZOHO One. We appreciate the ease of integrating both the CRM into the project management software to, for example, facilitate customer service, create Social Media Marketing campaigns in collaboration with clients’ teams and their customers, and gather all pertinent data sets to determine what works and what can be further refined. 

Regardless of the platforms you choose, growing businesses need software to manage not only the customer relationship but also the internal workings of their teams. Research CRM and Project Management software that meets the needs of your business to get more done more efficiently and build great relationships with your clients.