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I love delivering solutions!

Do your business problems seem overwhelming?

When you are in the thick of it, you quickly learn what the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” really means. This is the perfect time to call in the calvary and get a fresh set of eyes, ideas, and solutions to your pressing small business issues. 

Why Pick Me to Help You?


I have worked in niches from eCommerce, blogging, wellness, medical, personal development, coaching and business consulting as a sub contractor or direct contractor, since 2009. I have a broad understanding of what it takes to grow a business online.


I am direct, clear, and to the point. I don’t add fluff and filler or flit around issues. If I discover something is wrong in your business, you’ll know without having to crack the candy coating. 


Because I have worked with clients in so many niches, I have used all the big and small programs out there to help develop businesses and streamline processes. I can make recomendations and assist with implementation because I know what’s available and if it can work for you. 


Probably my most important characteristic. If I think I can not help you I will, legitimately, not even try. Listen. If you want to sell ice in Alaska and want a self-serving cheerleader to shake pom-poms while you waste your time, energy, and money failing in slow motion –  I am NOT your coach or consultant.  

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s have a cuppa and discuss your business. What do you love, what doesn’t make you happy, what needs to change? By getting to know more about you and how your business functions, I can devise a strategy to fix the pressing issues you are experiencing and create a more streamlined business that facilitates getting more done in less time –  with a whole lot less stress and cost.  If there is a single or set of issues in your business that you just can’t seem to fix , a consulting package may be better for you.  We will determine what you need, specifically, during our call. 


Choose a Coaching or Consulting Plan

Do you need coaching or consulting – there is a difference. Coaching involves weekly check ins where you implement the recommended systems and tools to make improvements in your business. We reassess periodically and adjust the plan according to our success. With consulting, I assess your business and give you a bird’s eye view of your inefficiencies and what is holding your business back from a digital perspective. Then I make an action plan for changes which need to occur. Consulting usually only covers one aspect of your business like launching a new website where coaching is more expansive.

6 Session Coaching Package

Not including your introductory assessment call. We devise a plan for making you and your business run more smoothly and efficiently. We implement tools and strategies that will become fundamental for future success and knock down barriers getting in the way. Each session runs for 1 hour and occur every 1 to 2 weeks. 


More Details

Payable in a single installment of $800 or 4 payments of $225. 

Full refunds granted before the first session commences only and cancellation of future sessions will be billed on a per session basis of $150 per session. So, for example,  if you cancelled after the second session after paying in full, you would receive a $500 refund.



If there is an issue in your business let’s fix it. I will work with you directly to find out what the actual issue is and give you the tools and strategies to overcome it. 


More Details

Consulting sessions are $600 paid in full before the consultation begins. You will receive a report on the findings regarding your particular business issue and 2 hour implementation consultation of any tools  / strategies recommended.  Additional consulting hours can be added at $135/hr or packaged in groups of 5 hours at $650. Financig available through PayPal.

Launch Squad 

You going to launch a new business? Awesome. Join the Launch Squad and get group mentoring and coaching with weekly strategy meetings, a private group on Facebook and a private 1/2 hour evaluation of your businesses. Each Launch Squad lasts one calendar month and there are only 20 spots available!  Quarterly squads are forming for 2021.


More Details

All Launch Squad members receive access to recordings of our sessions for 2 months after the end of the Launch Squad, digital workbook, and startup guide.  Coaching hours in excess of what is included in the Launch Squad program are billed at $125 per hour. 


Sometimes, you may need our assistance with implementing the changes needed to improve your business. We can help. Contract with us in-house to fix website, social media, marketing and advertising, SEO and Digital project management issues. 


1 on 1 Assistance

Each business has unique needs. We’ll consult, free of charge, to learn about what your business wants to accomplish with Project Management or Automation Consulting. Schedule a Discovery Session today to  get started. 


More Details

During our initial Discovery Session, I will ask questions about what you are looking to accomplish by enlisting the help of a Project Manager or Automation Consultant. We will discuss all pertinent aspects of your business and determine a budget for my services.  I strive to assist clients in meeting their goals within their budgets. 

Still Have Questions?

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