Jami Bova- Whitehead

Digital Project Management

My Approach

When planning out how a project should progress with a client – my strategy follows a modified waterfall methodology. Briefly, most digital project follow an order of operations – meaning there are certain dependencies which cannot be circumvented. I work with my client, their budget, current staff and new staff, to determine who does what and in what order.  I set up goal posts throughout the project where the team can reassess and adjusts the waterfall for maximum efficiency. 

Through Project Management software ( through my partnership with FreshWorks) and real-world-tested organization strategies imparted to the team, your projects progress smoothly from start to finish saving the business time and money on costly errors and deficiencies. 


Learn about how digital project management or coaching services can help your business flourish in a competative market.


My Tools

After 10 years in online business management and countless numbers of tools tested, these are my top picks for the small business owner looking for the best of the best tools at affordable prices.  If you are contracting with us and do not have a tool in place or are looking to change or upgrade tools we will always recommend these because they are far superior in both functionality and pricing compared to the competition. 

FreshWorks – through our partnership with FreshWorks, I am able to facilitate the implementation of the entire suite of products available to make business run more efficiently. From HR software, customer service chat, CRM and Project Management tools – Freshworks is the best solution for any business looking to increase efficiency, reduce software costs and make more happen in less time. 

Send In Blue is a powerful email marketing system and landing page creator perfect for small businesses. It integrates with other tools many small business owners utilize like WordPress, Prestashop, Slack, and Facebook ads. Best of all, Send In Blue has a free, 300 emails per day, plan that makes email marketing possible for even the smallest of email marketing budgets.  

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