Jami Bova- Whitehead

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My Approach

Every package begins with a free discovery session. I learn about your needs and determine if I can help you reach the goals you identified. Not all business are a good fit for my services and I will never take on a client I am not confident I can assist. 

I am a very direct, no fluff, consultant who thinks that transparency and honesty should always be the hallmarks of any business relationship.  If you only want  validation for your thoughts or opinions, I am certainly the wrong person to work with. 

If you do want fair, experience based, actionable and realistic evaluation of your online business and are ready to implement changes, let’s talk! 

Learn about how my services can help your business flourish in a competitive market.


My Tools

After 10 years in online business management and countless numbers of tools tested, these are my top picks for the small business owner looking for the best of the best tools at affordable prices.  If you are contracting with us and do not have a tool in place or are looking to change or upgrade tools we will always recommend these because they are far superior in both functionality and pricing compared to the competition.  If you need assistance with one of the tools below, please contact us for pricing on set-up. 

 Monday- through our partnership with Monday, I am able to facilitate the implementation  CRM and Project Management tools to make your business run more efficiently and profitably – 

Send In Blue is a powerful email marketing system and landing page creator perfect for small businesses. It integrates with other tools many small business owners utilize like WordPress, Prestashop, Slack, and Facebook ads. Best of all, Send In Blue has a free, 300 emails per day, plan that makes email marketing possible for even the smallest of email marketing budgets.  

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