Project Management Consulting

Digital Project Management simplifies and streamlines the process of bringing your idea or project to completion. 

Fractional Project Management  (PMO)

As a fractional Digital Project Management Consultant, I can assist your business in completion of projects on time and within budget.  Fractional PMO helps in creating the systems and sourcing the right team to bring your project to completion while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. You wear many hats; we can help make managing your important but time consuming projects less tedious and the process more efficient and less costly. 

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Our Partners

Who We Work With

We consult on digital projects in a variety of niches. From healthcare businesses to eCommerce, social media to customer service, CRM and website builds – we can assist any business in creating streamlined and highly efficient digital project management systems that can be used over and over again to keep your current and future projects running smoothly. 

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Remote Team Management

Teams today are scattered across the globe. We are experts in sourcing and managing remote teams and making them run smoothly. Our partnership with FreshWorks combined with our  project management  methodology helps ensure your team works together seamlessly and your projects are brought to completion quickly.  If you need to set up a team of remote workers, defer to our expertise in the remote / virtual worker team management consulting services.

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