Nest Launch Squad Starts








Frustrated trying to gather all the pieces and learn ALL the things to launch a business online?

Is your business launch stalled – indefinitely?

Want a coach but one-on-one coaching isn’t in the budget?

Great! We get it. Since starting as an OBM in 2012 ( Virtual Assistant since 2009) I have worked with clients in their businesses on an individual basis. What I noticed is that most ALL clients need the same things.

Really, the wheel does NOT have to be reinvented to launch your business. You just need to learn how to make the wheel and LAUNCH SQUAD gives you the instruction, tools and support to do just that.

As a BONUS you get access to me, Jami Bova- Whitehead VA -OBM – Project Manager- Digital Sherpa with 10 years of experience in the online space and dozens upon dozens of long-term clients in many different niches.

Plus you get the hive mind of other budding entrepreneurs, just like you, in your Launch Squad. What are you waiting for? Pre-register for the next launch squad before all 20 seats are taken!

Topics Covered 

Kick Off – Learn the keys to starting your business. Craft a mission statement, identify your strengths and weaknesses, determine what solution you are providing and research the market for competition and pricing.

Branding – Learn what a brand is and work with experienced instructors to craft a brand that is in line with your ideal customer and your mission.

Website – Learn about building a front-facing website for your business and utilize our free templates to create the website your business needs to be successful.

Social Media and Marketing – Learn basic social media and marketing strategies, which platforms your business needs and how to set them up, how to analyze success on social and in your marketing. How to set up Email newsletters and collect marketing data from site visitors, create a newsletter and how often to send it, create an email automation for your business.

Business Basics – Getting set up with the legal aspects your business (service not provided by a lawyer), who to contact and how to set up your business with local municipalities,business insurance, Soft and Official launch of your online business.

We will provide free website templates for the WordPress platform, 1 month hosting on our servers, email newsletter software, free trial of legal forms (US only)