Are you dreaming of starting a business from home but don’t know what skills you have to market, how hard it will be to start or if anyone wants what you have to offer in the first place?

Don’t worry – we think you have what it takes to become a successful business owner and we want to help you uncover your marketable talents for FREE.

The American small business is the backbone of our entire economy. We are 100% committed to entrepreneurship and living the American dream of becoming your own boss. Many people dream the same thing but don’t know what making their dreams a reality will cost financially and personally.
In this course we will peel back the layers of owning a business and help you do 3 important things if you are SERIOUS about starting a business, finding an encore career from home, or just “kicking-the-tires of business ownership.

1. Real world skills to online business. What are you good at? Is it marketable online? Do you know how often we hear, mostly from stay at home moms, about how little skills they possess. When we show you how to do a little digging you’ll rediscover the talents you have that may not have IMMEDIATELY seemed like a marketable online skill or business.

2. Talent to Business – now that you will be better able to identify your talents; how will you bring them to market? Should you consult, sell your time for money?  We uncover how to translate what you can do into what you do, do for business.

3. Identify the Gaps – OK,we know your skills may be great in one area but lacking in important other areas. No worries. The internet is FULL of FREE trainings called MOOCS that can help you fill the gaps in knowledge. We will help you identify the important gaps ( because not all gaps will be important for you) and find the resources to fill in the gaps for FREE ( or very low cost in some instances) online.

Are you ready to open ONE EYE and find out if your dream is destined to become reality?

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By Launch Squad & Jami Bova Online Consulting